The Rules of This Blog

Every blog has its rules, and this blog is no exception. So here’s the rules.

  1. This is the blog of a Jew who practices his Judaism in the Reform manner. Don’t diss Reform Judaism here, or for that matter any form of Judaism. Don’t state or imply that it’s less than any other stream. Discussing the differences between Reform and other streams of Judaism is not dissing. Saying that Reform (or Masorti, or anything not haredi) Judaism isn’t real Judaism is dissing, and I won’t put up with it. The No True Scotsman argument goes in all directions here, too. Orthodox and haredim, despite their behavior sometimes, are also Jews. Got it?
    1. Note:  If you are a Messianic, that’s fine, but you are an evangelical Christian, not a Jew. This may seem to contradict rule 1, but here’s the definition of Judaism in its absolutely most general, most inclusive sense, and the one I use on this blog: God is One. If you follow Jesus, you’re violating that definition. Moving on.
  2. I’m Reform, not uninformed. Don’t assume that I know less than you do about Judaism just because I’m Reform. I may actually know more than you do, as happens frequently with converts.
  3. This is the blog of a Jew who has been through some pretty serious emotional and religious abuse over the years. So step lightly, and be prepared to hear a “no” or “that’s not your business” without taking it personally. I may quarantine comments and email people and say “Change the way you said this, or I’m keeping it blocked,” if I feel generous. If I don’t, I will apply the banhammer.
  4. This is the blog of a Jew who is a gay man. Homophobia, sexism, and transphobia of any flavor are absolutely not allowed here, and will receive an automatic banhammer and blacklisting. There are no second chances on this one.
  5. This blog has been largely for the issues of the convert. Most readers are converts or have converts in their lives. Those issues, therefore, are going to be pretty big on this blog. Details of Talmudic argument, probably not so much.
  6. No trolling, no flamewars. We are discussing some sensitive topics here, and I expect everyone to be an adult about it. Those who cannot be adults will be introduced to the banhammer.
  7. Wil Wheaton’s Rule applies: Don’t be a dick. This is my electronic living room – or Shabbat table, if you like. I expect you to be on your best behavior.

Harsh? Probably. But it’s still the way I run this blog. So if you’re good with these rules? Great! Welcome! Pull up a chair. If you’re not, well, nice seeing you, and the door to other areas of the internet awaits you over there.