Today is the First of Elul, 5776

I have renewed our Temple membership for the coming year, or at least started to. We will be going to High Holy Days in October, and moving back into the life of our local Temple community as the new year comes closer.

12 days from now, by the Hebrew calendar, I will have been a Jew for a full year.

It’s time for me to consider where I’ve missed the mark this year. Letting my anxiety get the best of me when I could have faced up to what I was scared of is a big one. Letting this blog lapse is probably another; I’m a new Jew and I should have been writing more so that this blog could help others who are searching for answers.

Today is the day I ask people on my social media to tell me if there’s something out of whack between us due to my action or inaction, so that I can try to make amends, or, at minimum, apologize.

Today is the First of Elul.


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