Differing opinion? That’s fine, but…

Recently I had someone do what I can only call an anti-Israel, pro-Palestine info dump in a comment to my post about why I’m voting for Bernie Sanders.

I realize not everyone will agree with me. That’s fine. You don’t have to.

But you do have to understand that I’m not interested in having a fight about this, especially when you sail out of nowhere and give me a broadside blast.

If you have a differing opinion from one of mine, and you can’t express it without insulting people who hold my opinion, feel free to start your own blog to talk about it and make it public. I have no obligation to host your opinion on mine, and I reserve the right to delete and block any commenter who decides to push that particular envelope too far.

Have a nice day now.


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One response to “Differing opinion? That’s fine, but…

  1. Being on the Bernie campaign, I’m very frustrated by my inability to get answers from the campaign. Of course, this is a problem Bernie shares with every politician I’ve ever supported save one, and for that one I am the campaign manager, so he kinda has to talk to me. (Colby Clipson, running for Portland Metro Council District #5 Representative.)


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