Sorry, I missed a day

but today was just overwhelming and I’m still recovering from yesterday’s beit-din-and-mikveh marathon. Part of that is due to how much time we spent in the car in horrid Los Angeles traffic. Part of that was the lack of sleep two nights ago. Part of that was that today was and is still Shabbat and so we had to do things today to have Shabbat this evening.

I will write about my first day and first Shabbat as a Jew in truth another time. Right now I just want to share one small amusing thing from the beit din that I remembered today, so I don’t forget it:

Joanne asked about the Seders I’d been to. I told her I’ve been to three – two at my friend’s parents and one that I ran myself last spring. I said “I have to admit we used the Maxwell House haggadah,” and she shrugged and said “Everyone has at one point. It’s a rite of passage we’ve all gone through.” Everyone laughed.

Also, at several times over the course of the day, I should note that Rabbi M. said that I had enriched the Jewish people by joining the Tribe. It really hit me hard thinking about it today, and I don’t know how I left it out of yesterday’s post.

I will pick up with the #BlogElul tomorrow. Today, it just wasn’t possible – I’m sorry.


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