Searching Across The Veil

Rabbi Zeitlin

As a Torah-observing, orthodox rabbi, it pains me to say that the greatest obstacle to Torah observance in today’s world does not come from antisemitism and it does not come from assimilation. Rather it’s the result of a usually well-meaning, but highly inadequate (and, unfortunately, occasionally corrupt and often politicized) Rabbinate, especially in Israel where immense political power beckons. The establishment Rabbanut in Israel is mired in the past, committed to a modality of galut (exile) halacha which, certainly critical for our survival in the past, is now an obstacle to our future geula (redemption). In galut (the diaspora) we needed, and still need, self-protection to maintain our wisdom and traditions when faced with both active and passive attempts to remove Torah from us (and/or us from Torah). Thankfully, that is not the primary battle in today’s sovereign Medinat Yisrael (in spite of some media and political opposition).


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  1. Adam, thanks for introducing me to this very interesting teacher!


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