Three weeks from tomorrow, it’ll be done.

There are 22 days until the date of my beit din and mikveh.

Am I excited? Yes. Am I worried? A little bit, because it’s a new place and people I don’t know very well, and that’s always worrisome.

Am I determined? Heck yes.

Am I glad?

There aren’t words for how glad, okay?

Although part of me has to remind myself that it’s not my doctoral defense and that my Rabbi would not let me go to this if he didn’t think I was ready. So there’s that.

I am going to try to post more, but as it’s also the three weeks before classes start, I am now buried in prep up to my eyeballs. It’s just that there hasn’t been much to report on in my almost-not-a-convert-anymore life just lately, at least not in the realm of my Judaism. Hebrew classes have just started up again now that our teacher is back from Israel, and supposedly our second class towards conversion also starts up again tomorrow (but I haven’t heard from the rabbi, so I’m still not sure. We’ll be at the shul at 6, regardless). But until those do, there really isn’t much to talk about, really.

So stay tuned, folks. I’ll hope to be back to you with more substance real soon now.

(22 days!!!)



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