My blog, my rules.

So when clearing out the spam filter today, I found two comments from someone I’d blocked from commenting. They called me a “coward” and accused me of being severely mentally ill because I don’t like any Jew who isn’t exactly like me – which they apparently took from my posts about the Pop Chassid problem.

Dude, I’m not a coward. But you don’t have a right to post comments on my blog. You see, it’s my blog.

Also, I totally accept Pop Chassid as a real Jew. The problem is that he doesn’t accept me as one. So if you want to call someone a coward, or accuse them of being a jerk for not accepting all Jews, his blog is that way.

(I also think it’s quite amusing that you’re blocking me. Why, because I would care? Really? Go away now, child.)



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2 responses to “My blog, my rules.

  1. Katy

    Agree. The reader didn’t read it right
    It was all the other bloggers doing. I went to his site to read it all. Too bad he feels that way about Jews by choice. Proud u stood up to those people!

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  2. Hint from the late Mark Twain in response to a literary critic: “Your opinion of me, sir, is none of my business.

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