Why I Will Simply Accept Intermarriage

This is worth a read. He’s right: the Conservative position isn’t even internally consistent.

A Humanistic Jew Goes to Washington

Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky has an op-ed piece in the USCJ’s most recent issue of Pravda in The Forward, about his refusal to accept intermarriage. Rabbi Kalmanofsky essentially reiterates the Conservative Movement’s basic line on intermarriage: it weakens Judaism out of misplaced compassion.

Let’s tease this apart, because I don’t think you should buy what he’s selling. (Warning: kind of rant-y.)

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One response to “Why I Will Simply Accept Intermarriage

  1. The dispute is necessary in the greater scheme of things, but I’m already married, and I’m not a rabbi, and my life loses nothing by leaving the dispute to those to whom God dealt it.


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