Shavua Tov!

On Havdalah
by Shocheradam

For a good week let us do all things deliberately.

Three stars light the sky, and it is time.
But do not light the candle, not just yet.
Let us savor this moment before its light dances
On the backs of our hands, on the walls, in our eyes.

Do not pour the wine, no, it can wait.
Its sweetness would overpower our tongues.
Let the cup stand empty for a moment still.

Leave the spices standing just a moment more.
The b’samim would overwhelm our senses.
Leave them on the shelf and take one look
At the table standing bare before we start.

Meditate on table, braided candle, empty cup,
B’samim box on the shelf, all waiting patiently.
Three stars light the sky above, but savor just the same
The fading moments of this holy time, this sacred space.

Think upon these fading moments ere we begin.
Think of something you will carry forward into the week.
Think of something you have set down to leave behind.

Think of this moment all week long,
For patience,
For courage,
For strength,
For shalom.

Now fill cup, light candle, sing the prayers:
Baruch atah, Adonai… Amein.
Lift the cup and b’samim box, lift the candle, see its shadows.
Say a word or two about sacredness and holiness.
Sip the wine and bid Shabbat farewell.
Dip the flame into the wine and sing to one and all:
Shavua tov, shavua tov, shavua tov.

For a good week, let us remember holiness.
For a good week, let us remember sacredness.
For a good week, let us remember this pause in time, this place in space.

For a good week, let us do all things deliberately.


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