Thoughts on God

Atheists: Don’t bother. Your comments will go to the bit bucket. Thanks.

There are lots of atheists on Quora, and many of them are anti-theists.

I’ve discovered that there seems to be a link between absolutist thinking and denial of other people’s reality, as well as intolerance to ambiguity, that is common across certain groups of atheists and certain groups of religious people. So I know not to bother getting into an argument with an atheist about the existence of God, or any of the proofs that have worked to convince me that God exists.

But when I find a way to express my proof in another way, in another set of words? That’s awesome to me.

So here’s the quote:

Joshua Kaplan’s answer to Why do Jewish people keep believing in God after all the bad things that happened to them? Can’t they see that God is either non-existent or immoral?

There is a saying from an 19th century Jewish thinker Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk thats says “A God that I can understand, is not a God I would be able to believe in”. God is an infinite being and therefore humans – with our finite minds – could never fully understand Him or His ways. To fully know God would mean that we are God.

I’ve always said “I think it’s sort of arrogant to assume that just because we can’t prove it YET means either a) it doesn’t exist or b) we will never have that proof.” But I like this way of looking at it, too, and I’m going to look up Rab Mendel.



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3 responses to “Thoughts on God

  1. Scott Sewell

    For myself ive never been able to “believe” in the almighty, but i walkmy Judaism path because at times i feel the presence…and i celebrate that mystery, whatever it really is…i have faith in this presence, whatever its reality…maybe thats believing…


  2. Good thinking, that! As to the idea that God is immoral, the obvious objection is that morality itself is an invention of God (very likely mediated through man), and that moral judgments are therefore inapplicable to Her. I don’t put much stock in the Bible myself, but the book of Job does a pretty good job of explaining why one oughtn’t expect God to seem fair. I suppose it was written at a time when accusing God of immorality was still unthinkable, but the extension of the concept is obvious.


  3. Jenn

    I was raised to respect and honor this “mystery of G-d”- that to be in awe of Him means to recognize that we will never truly know all of His ways. Sometimes though, I feel that’s not enough. There’s so much I want to know about human existence and the world. How can we develop a close relationship with a being that is so unknown to us?

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