On a happier note… met with the new rabbi

I feel much more comfortable with this rabbi than the previous one.

For starters, he was patient with me and understood the issues I was bringing to the table. He also invited me to attend High Holy Days as a guest. (Now I just need to check with the partner and clear September 25th from work calendars.)

They use the same mikveh as the other temple does, so no change there. But my best friend can be my witness if I want and if she’s okay with it. This is a huge relief for me.

I love the sanctuary of this new temple – they apparently leveled the old building and built a brand-new one a while back.

If I go through the 18-week classes in the spring and then convert, I get a complimentary one-year membership in the temple. And my partner can attend the classes with me if he wants to. Also, they can help people with the cost of the class if they have financial issues. 

The rabbi also said that I seem to already have a lot of basic knowledge but that if I want to take the free Taste of Judaism class in November I’m welcome to do so. I am leaning that direction.



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2 responses to “On a happier note… met with the new rabbi

  1. Jenn

    So happy to hear that you had a positive encounter! I hope you and your rabbi can grow together as you continue to learn. My sponsoring rabbi and I are very close, and I think it’s important to work with someone you like and trust.

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    • That’s kind of where I realized that the first rabbi and I were not clicking. I really like this new rabbi, though. He made a point of making sure I was okay.


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